Free vector map of Europe

The so called "Scalable Vector Graphic" or simply svg map of Europe can be easily edited in a compatible vector graphics program, for example Illustrator or Inkscape. They can be also used to create some animated, interactive maps for your website with interesting features. See an example in action:
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If you are interested getting a similar interactive map for your website, not only for Europe, but for any other continent, region, please contact us for details. Add effects for different countries, add mouse click events, hover over tooltips, and several other customizable possibilities.
Europe Vector SVG map

A sample screenshot of the above SVG Europe map with one of the countries highlighted and a tooltip displayed with the country name.

Detailed map of Europe in vector formats

Europe detailed map
Find a more detailed Europe map in multiple, editable, layered, vector based formats

Customized Europe maps

Could not find what you're looking for? Get a unique Europe map!
Crop a region, add/remove features, change shape, different projections, adjust colors, even add your locations!
Custom map services
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Europe map illustrator SVG