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Detailed map of the Northwestern US

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Northwest region of the United States also known by NorthWest, is one of the four geographical region of United States of America. This informal region includes the states of Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, Washington and Oregon. The most notable urban areas in this region are Seattle, Spokane, Portland, together with the state capitals Olympia, Helena, Boise, Salem and Cheyenne.

The Northwest region  is covered mostly by high mountain chains of the Rockies and the other western Pacific ranges. Mount Rainier is the highest peak of the region at 4392 meters.

Some of the United States' principal rivers also flow through the northwestern part of the country. Th Missouri river, which is considered as the longest river on North America, rises in the state of Montana, on the slopes of the Rocky Mountains, close to the border with Wyoming and Idaho. The river then flows to the north and turns to the east.

The Columbia river is the largest river of the Northeast. It twist and turns through the state of Washington before emptying into the Pacific. Its largest tributary is the Snake river.

The largest city of the NorthWest is Seattle in Washington.

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Northwestern US physical map
Physical map of Northwestern US
Northwestern US states
Northwestern US states
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Northwest location
Location of the Northwest within the United States
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