Northwestern US political map

Northwestern US political map

Political map of the Northwestern US, region of the United States

The ares occupying the northwestern corner of the United States is informally also called as "the Northwest". The region is made up of five states, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming and Oregon. The largest city in this section of the U.S. is Seattle. Other major cities are Tacoma, Spokane (Washington) and Portland in Oregon.

The capital city of Washington is Olympia, lying not far from Seattle. Montana's capital is Helena, which is located at an altitude of above 4000 feet. The capital of Wyoming lies on the southeastern corner of the state. Cheyenne is not only the capital, but also the largest city in Wyoming. Just like Boise of Idaho, which is also the capital and biggest city of its parent state. Salem, the capital of Oregon lies alongside the Willamette river, and is the third most populous city of Oregon.

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