Northwest Territories maps

Northwest Territories map

Map of Northwest Territories, Canada

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Live Your Northern Dream in the Northwest Territory

As its name suggests the Northwest Territory is in the north-western corner of Canada. This vast land has many treasures for any passionate traveler to explore. With more wild animals than human beings, five national parks, unspoiled wilderness, dramatic peaks, endless Barrenlands, the largest lake in the country and the deepest lake of the North American continent, this part of Canada presents a huge amount of unique opportunities for intense experiences.

Winter sports aficionados get their adrenaline fix with snowmobiling, dog sledding, winter camping and cross-country skiing on frozen lakes. Here you can learn firsthand about traditional ways of life of aboriginal people as the northerners are diverse, friendly and welcoming. If you want to see a  real igloo, Nunavut and the Northwest Territory are the two parts of Canada where you have that chance. The arctic climate of northern coast attracts visitors for its whales and the 2900 ‘nanooks‘ (polar bears in the Inuit language). In a  territory with so many lakes and rivers, it makes sense that the most popular means of transportation is boating.

The subarctic mainland is a  paradise for hunters and fishermen. Fish here grow into huge proportions in deep, cold and super-clean waters. Sport-hunters get into a  frenzy over the abundant population of bears, wolves, moose, bison and muskoxen.

If you wonder why the locals always look up towards the skies, it’s because they live in one of the few places to enjoy the greatest spectacle nature has to offer to us earthlings - the mysterious and magnificent Aurora Borealis. Because the NWT is located directly under the Auroral Oval (where the Magnetic field pressure is the strongest), its inhabitants are treated to the northern lights views during 3/4 of the year. And as if this was not enough, the heavens here offer other unique sightings such as sundogs (phantom suns or sun halo visible during very cold weather), double rainbows, midnight sun in June, spectacular sunrises and even better sunsets.

We have only scratched the surface of endless possibilities to enjoy yourself to madness the Northwest Territory has up the sleeves for you. I probably won’t be too far from the truth if I say you are off packing and planning your next “NWT expedition”.

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