Canada Physical Map

Canada Physical Map

Physical map of Canada, Lambert-Gauss conformal conical projection

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Canada geography information
Canada consists mainly of plains, with mountains (Rocky Mountains, Coast Mountains, MacKenzie Range) in the west, and lowlands in the southeast. Norhtern part of the country is an arctic archipelago, including the larger islands of Ellesmere Island, Baffin Island, Victoria Island, Banks Island, Queen Elizabeth Islands. Norhternmost point of Canada is Cape Columbia on Ellesmere Island. Lakes include part of the Great Lakes (Erie, Huron, Ontario and Superior), the Great Bear, the Great Slave Lake, Lake Athabasca and Lake Winnipeg. Major rivers are the St Lawrence, MacKenzie, Saskatchewan, Fraser, Yukon rivers.
Highest peak is the Mount Logan at 5951 m above sea level near the border with Alska. Ottawa is the capital. Other important cities include Calgary, Edmonton, Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver and Winnipeg.
Canada relief

Canada relief map

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