Northwest Territories physical map

Northwest Territories map

Physical map of Northwest Territories, physical features of Northwest Territories

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Information about the physical features of Northwest Territories

List of the geographical names of Northwest Territories as shown on the map

Main cities:

Aklavik, Hay River, Inuvik, Norman Wells, Tuktoyaktuk, Yellowknife

Major rivers of Northwest Territories:

Mackenzie, Anderson, Horton, Thelon, Liard

Largest lakes of Northwest Territories:

Great Slave Lake, Great Bear Lake, Aylmer Lake, Wholdaia Lake

Mountains, regions:

Mackenzie Mountains, Franklin Mountains


Victoria Island, Melville Island, Banks Island, Prince Patrick Island, Mackenzie King Island

Highest peaks (elevation):

Mt. Nirvana 2773, Durham Heights 724

Seas, bays:

Beaufort Sea, Amundsen Gulf, Mackenzie Bay, Melville Sound, Arctic Ocean

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Northwest Territories location map
Location map of Northwest Territories

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