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England Political Map

Political map of England, equirectangular projection, illustrating the administrative divisions of England

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England, the largest country in the United Kingdom, is home to 53 million people. But it's also home to so much more. The history of England dates back centuries, and includes icons such as William Shakespeare, Lord Admiral Nelson, and, of course, the Beatles.

Cities of England


It's impossible to talk about England without mentioning its capital city, London. The city is almost 2000 years old, and includes all of the history and culture you'd expect from a city its age. Within London itself, landmarks such as the History Museum, British Museum, Tower of London, and Piccadilly Circus can be found. There's also a variety of places to eat ranging from fast food joints from gourmet restaurants.


Manchester is smaller than London and isn't quite as old. But that doesn't make it any less interesting. Manchester has a superb music scene, and was originally home to bands such as Oasis, the Chemical Brothers, the Doves, and the Verve. Manchester is also home to two of the biggest football clubs in the world. Manchester City and Manchester United are big players on the global football stage, with the latter having dominated the game for the last 20 years.


While the city of Norwich, located in East Anglia, is considerably smaller than London and Manchester, that is part of its charm. Everything in Norwich is compact. Cobbled streets lead to shops, pubs, and places to eat. Norwich is also home to its own sights. With a castle, a market, and two shopping malls with the city limits, there's no shortage of things to see or do here.

Places in England

Not everybody is a fan of the city lifestyle, which is why there are countless quiet little towns, villages and rural areas dotted throughout the English countryside. While many are unspectacular, there are a few worth taking note of. The Lake District, for example, is a stunning stretch of land, protected by European law. It spans miles, and pleases millions of tourists every year with its beauty. The terrain of Dartmoor, in Devon, is another beautiful stretch of land. Located on the country's south coast, the hilly terrain of Dartmoor just adds to its charm. For a town-come-city (and for the very best of both worlds), a visit to Bath is in order. This picturesque place is home to the Roman Baths, and many other Roman ruins.

England – A Country Teaming With Sights

Only a large guide book could have enough space to mention all of England's most famous cities, places, and landmarks. With so much to see and do in the country, it can take several visits before a person feels he or she has seen enough of the country's treasures. Even those who live in England haven't seen everything it has to offer. The best one can realistically do is start at the top of a long to-do list, and work slowly down it.

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England physical map
England physical map
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