Indonesia Physical Map

Indonesia Physical Map

Physical map of Indonesia, equirectangular projection

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Geographical Features of Indonesia

Indonesia is an archipelagic country that has more than seventeen thousand islands. The big five islands are Sumatra, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Java and Irian Jaya. If we look at Indonesia map, there are many small islands. And some of them are popular around the world, such as Bali, Lombok and Komodo. There are also some others that are uninhabited. Besides, four islands are split with the other nations, Kalimantan is split with Malaysia and Brunei, Sebatik is split with Malaysia, Timor is divided with Timor-Leste, and Papua is shared with New Guinea. This country is also has four times the greater area in the sea than in the land. That is why Indonesia is popular with the beautiful seas and beaches. Meanwhile, the land area is broadly covered with tropical forest where the soils are mostly fertile. There are also for about 400 mountainous volcanoes in Indonesia and 100 of them are active. The highest mountain is Jaya Wijaya located in Irian Jaya that has a snow-capped top. There are also many rivers throughout Indonesia. Some of the rivers become the important routes for the certain islands, such as Musi and Kampar in Sumatera, Kapuas and Mahakam in Kalimantan. Meanwhile, some the rivers are useful for the irrigation, such as Bengawan Solo and Brantas. Besides the rivers, Indonesia also has the scenic lake. One of the most popular lakes in the world is Toba in Sumatra. This lake is unique because it is rounded with the island that is called Samosir.

Indonesia geography

Geographic features of Indonesia

Indonesia also has the strategic location that we can see on the Indonesia map; it is located between the Indian Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Asia and Australia. Because of this location, Indonesia has two main tropical seasons, they are rainy and dry seasons. The rainy occurs in December to March. Meanwhile, the dry season occurs in June to September. Besides, the location of Indonesia is also affected on the several of the flora and fauna. There is much unique diversity of plant. In Indonesia, especially in Sumatra Island, we can find the largest flower in the world. It is called as Rafflesia Arnoldi. There are also various beautiful orchids in Indonesia. Because of the diversity of the flora in Indonesia, some of the society makes living from the natural sources. One of the examples is the production of the herbal medicine. Besides of the popular flora, Indonesia also has some unique and popular fauna, such as Komodo, Cendrawasih and Badak. In order to care the various plants and animals, the fifth of November are designed as the flora and fauna National day. Based on the brief description of the geographical feature of Indonesia, it can be seen that Indonesia consists of many islands and have the unique diversity. One of the main reason of that diversity is because the geographical location of the country. Furthermore, it also affects the cultures and social life. There is diversity of the cultures that make this country becomes popular. Every culture has the unique traditions that attract many tourists around the world.

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