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East Asia map

Political map of East Asia

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East Asian Countries: The Essence of Cosmopolitan

Hosting a population of above 3.3 billion people, East Asia is the most populous region of the globe. At the same time it is also the most quickly developing one, the engine of the world's economy. Three out of five of the earth's largest economy can be found here. The economical and political influence of the region is continuously increasing. The East Asian region is also the leading center of research and development, and high-tech industries. Traditionally the following countries belong to the region that is referred to as East Asia: China, Japan, South Korea, North Korea, Mongolia and Taiwan.

There are total eight sovereign countries in the East Asia map. Every one of them has exceptional characteristics. Some of them are extremely beautiful and has historical values.

China: China has the largest population in the world. The Great Wall of China is one of the biggest creation in the history of mankind. Travelers from the every corner of the world come here to enjoy its beauty. Again, the republic of China has been preserving the history of their ancient civilization for centuries. Buddhism has got a new pace in here. This country is also important for the mountaineers. Chinese food is a favorite genre in the restaurants all over the world. Chinese people drinks tea just like we drink water. Rice is the main crop for them. Every bit of China tells the story of royalty and Genghis khan. Panda is a rare species and specially found in China. Zoos in here earn a lot from showing the pandas. It is also the birthplace of Martial arts. Kung Fu is treated as a religion in some villages. Monks are known as the mysterious habitants of the South China. To experience traditional Chinese New Year, people come in this area of the East Asia region.

Japan: This is the most hardworking nation among the other East Asia countries. The average living age is above hundred years. In the Second World War, Hiroshima and Nagasaki were destroyed brutally by atom bombs. Japan has not only recovered the loss, but also improved their condition outstandingly. Tokyo is a nicely organized city of this certain country in East Asia. Sumo wrestling is a world famous and entertaining sport that was originated from Japan.

South Korea: South Korea has one of the most advanced technological structures. Samsung is a South Korean brand from this part of East Asia. This nation has becoming famous for improving football as a major sport.

North Korea: This nation is being blamed by the world most of the time for its illogical moves. Recently, they were testing nuclear bombs. Getting visa for North Korea is a hard nut to crack. Travelers do not choose this country as a regular spot.

East Asia map

East Asia simple political map

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