Japan Physical Map

Japan Physical Map

Physical map of Japan, equirectangular projection

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Japan physical features

The country of Japan consists of several fairly mountainous islands, which are often referred to as the  Japanese Archipelago. They are cut off from the Asian mainland by the  Sea of Japan (or East Sea). The four dominant islands of the archipelago are: Hokkaido, the northernmost island,   Honshu is the largest of all, Shikoku, the smallest of the four, and Kyushu stands at the southernmost end of the crescent. Besides these four main islands, there are actually over 3 000 adjacent islands and islets alongside.

The group of islands are split into two halves by a long stretch of mountains, the eastern half faces the Pacific Ocean, the opposite slopes to the west run down to the Sea of Japan. The highest elevations and the most famous mount in the country is  Mount Fuji  (Fujisan), with a notable elevation of 3,776 meters above sea level also makes it one of the most prominent summits of the world. 

The rivers in Japan are not very long due to the size of the islands, they spring in the central chain of mountains, and run down on both sides into the Pacific or the Sea of Japan. The longest river is the Shinano river which flows in the central area of Honshu for a length of approximately 367 kilometers. The Tone river is the one with the largest watershed area, and is responsible for supplying water to the capital area of more than 30 million citizens.

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