Physical map of East Asia

East Asia map

Physical map of East Asia, Lambert equal area projection

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East Asian Geography: A Mixture of Different Environments

The Eastern side of the entire Asia is known as the East Asia. Almost every type of natural creation is presented in the East Asia map. China, Japan, North and South Korea, Mongolia and three other nations have formed this certain area. Geographically this zone is bigger than Europe. Almost one-fifth of the world population lives in the East Asia Geography. In this article, we are going to discuss the versatile East Asian region and its ingredients.

Climate: There is a constant climate condition in East Asia. The reason of its consistency is the boundary. The global warming causes by some of the incidents happens in here. For example, China is a totally industrial country. Few days back, some of the city of China was announced as heavily polluted. It increases the regular temperature of the area. Basically, the whole area of the East Asia geography is in temperate climate zone. In winter, everywhere is cold. On the other hand, it remains hot in summer. The climate condition is often compared with a mixture of European and American weather. Though it is adapted by the inhabitants, travelers sometimes cannot get this easily.

Lands: High peaks of the land in the East Asia map play an important role in the geography. Fukushima is one of the highest active volcano in here. The Himalayas is situated in China. Northern Russian territory is full of medium hills. Also, the southern Chinese sector is famous for rainfall. The main reason of such condition is its sloppy lands.

Rivers: Another important part of East Asia geography is its river. The water flow remains in every part of the sector. No farmer needs any artificial system to water the fields. In winter, it snows in the Japan and China. The ice-cold weather makes the rivers hard. The trees lose every leaf from its body. When the summer comes, the rivers start to overwhelm the borders. The Yellow river was the main reason of forming the entire Chinese civilization.

Islands: More than a thousand islands have formed Japan, an important nation of the East Asian territories. Four of them are connected with each other and they are the main administrative area of Japanese territory. Once, the northern part of former Russia was surrounded by Japanese islands. Million years ago, North Korea was not near the South Korea. In the tertiary period, a big collision took place. It has brought the peninsula and attached in the current position. Rainfall, snow and scorching heat are the main events of the climatic condition of the East Asia geography. The lands are also versatile. Trees grow in plenty in here. Again, the rivers have become the helping hand to grow crops in plenty. Japan has to face continuous earthquake. These obstacles have not affected the development and increasing population of the East Asia map. Travelers come here to enjoy the versatility of the weather and seasons. The tweeting birds increase happiness of its inhabitants a lot.

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