Armenia Physical Map

Armenia Physical Map

Physical map of Armenia, equirectangular projection

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Armenia physical features

Armenia is small country located in the Southern Caucasus region of southwestern Asia. Most of the country has an elevation above 1000 meters, the average elevation is roughly 1800 meters above sea level. The country's highest point is Mt Aragats, that reaches a height of 4090 meters.

Armenia can be divided into three basic geographic regions:

  • the northern regions are characterized by the ranges of the Lesser Caucasus Mountains
  • western and southern parts are occupied by the Armenian Uplands
  • southwestern region next to the Turkish border is mostly flat due the alluvial plains of the Aras river
The major rivers of Armenia are the Aras river, Debet, Hrazdan and the Vorotan, while the largest lake is Lake Sevan, lying between the Shakhdag Range and the Geghama Range.

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Armenia physical features

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