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New Zealand Map

Map of New Zealand, equirectangular projection, illustrating the administrative divisions of New Zealand

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Nestled in the in the South-western part of the Pacific Ocean, New Zealand is a small island country. It is divided into two landmasses, namely the North Island and South Island. These two wonderful land masses are separated by the Cook Straight. In addition to these islands, many smaller islands are located surrounding the main country. In fact, one of the interesting facts about New Zealand is that being located in the Southern Hemisphere, it was one of the last lands for settlement. The Polynesians settled in this island first and established a Maori Culture. The country even boasts of a minor population of Maori today, but the majority of the population is European in origin.

New Zealand is a relatively small country with population not exceeding more than 4 millions. Whenever you travel to New Zealand, each time, you will have different experiences. After all, different places and regions in this small and serene country have different stories to tell. Right from the history to the natural beauties, from the legends to the future, you will be undoubtedly fascinated by each and every aspect of the country.

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New Zealand physical map
New Zealand physical map
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New Zealand location map
Where is New Zealand located? Map showing the location of New Zealand on the globe.
New Zealand political map
New Zealand political maps
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