Geography and Map of the Pacific Ocean

Pacific Ocean map

Physical Map of the Pacific Ocean, equirectangular cylindrical projection

The Pacific Ocean is bounded on the west by Asia and Australia; and on the east by North- and South America.
Geographic features of the Pacific Ocean:
Ridges: East Pacific Rise, Nazca Ridge, Mid-Pacific Mountains, Hawaiian Ridge, Emperor Seamounts
Largest basins: Northeast Pacific Basin, Southeast Pacific Basin, Southwest Pacific Basin, Central Pacific Basin
Deepest trenches: Mariana Trench, Kuril Trench, Aleutian Trench, Peru-Chile Trench, Kermadec Trench
Fracture Zones: Mendocino Fracture Zone, Murray Fracture Zone, Molokai Fracture Zone, Clarion Fracture Zone, Clipperton Fracture Zone, Challenger Fracture Zone, Eltanin Fracture Zone, Udintsev Fracture Zone