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Map of Yukon, Canada

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Yukon might not be a typical must-see destination like Paris or Rome are, but those who decide to visit this distant Canadian territory will be very happy they did.

Named after the Yukon River, this territory offers a wide range of activities for all kinds of nature and adventure lovers. The best way to come here is by air from all major cities in the provinces of Alberta and British Columbia. Europeans can fly to Whitehorse (Yukon’s capital and only city) directly from Frankfurt, Germany.

Yukon’s main attraction is its breathtaking untouched nature, but it’s also rich in gold rush history, cultural events, festivals, First Nations culture and a myriad of art galleries.

During short and warm summers you can enjoy the pristine Yukon nature on hiking trips, mountain biking, wildlife viewing, fishing and hunting, paddling and boating, horseback riding, gold panning and even golf.

Winter is long and harsh but the viewing of magical northern lights, fun snowshoeing, scenic skiing, and thrilling snowmobiling trips outweigh the unpleasant cold months.

If you want to get the most of Yukon, be prepared to learn new skills. You should be willing to master the use of a compass and know how to overcome terrain obstacles on hiking trips, wilderness trips might involve bear and cougar encounters so you need to know how to behave and use a bear spray or bear bangers, skiers and snowmobilers should be able to identify an avalanche terrain, paddlers and boaters will need to know how to deal with log jams and rapids.

Hunters and angler from all over the world who come here for a trophy of a grizzly bear, moose, mountain goat and caribou or a catch of trout, pike and salmon must have a permission because fishing and hunting are highly regulated. And those who turn in poachers and polluters are rewarded with a hefty amount of cash.

When you focus on this northern Adventureland, prepare well and set out for the journey, you can be 100% sure that the name ‘Yukon’ will be burnt into your memory as a synonym of the best travel experiences of your lifetime.

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