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North Macedonia

Political map of North Macedonia, equirectangular projection, illustrating the administrative divisions of North Macedonia

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A small country with a big heart – Macedonia. Many people have only heard about this magnificent country on the news, but there are also some other people who visited it once and will definitely come back again. Macedonia is a mixture of nationalities, different cuisines, generous people and huge history. There is something for everyone’s taste. Magnificent nature and the historical sites will take your breath away. Here is a list of the places you should definitely visit in Macedonia:

Skopje – the capital of Macedonia. Skopje offers something for everyone. In the latest years Skopje turned into a marvelous city. In the center of Skopje is located a giant statue of Alexander the Great. The Triumphal Gate and all the other monuments located on the main square witness about the history of the Macedonian people. Skopje is also a city which provides a great night fun for the younger generation. There are great clubs and bars where you can have a great and tasty meal and also enjoy some great music. The old bazaar is something that must be visited when you are in Skopje. It was the central place for buyeing and selling goods during the 12th century. It is considered to be a monument that represents the period when the Ottomans ruled the city. There are a lot of malls, which are at the disposal to the ones that have a great fashion sense, located only 10 minutes from the city center. Another interesting places you should visit are: Kale Fortress, Museum of Skopje, Millenium Cross on top of Vodno mountain, National Museum of Macedonia, Stone Bridge, Mustafa Pasha’s Mosque and so on.

Ohrid Lake – Ohrid Lake is the largest natural lake in Macedonia. It is placed between the mountains 695 meters above the ocean level. This lake covers a region of 358 square kilometers. Ohrid Lake has an amazing blue color and the water is really warm. It attracts the eyes of everyone and makes you stare at it for a long time.

St. Pantelejmon Plaoshnik – This church is really significant for the Macedonian people. It has a historical meaning, because in this church the Cyrillic letters were created. It was the major focus in the past because this church was considered to be the first university in Europe in the 10th century.

Krushevo - It is located at 1, 350m above sea level and it is classified as the highest town in Macedonia. The area of Krushevo was declared as a Republic after the Ilinden Uprising against the Ottoman rule and that is why this town is really important to the Macedonians. It is recommendable to visit Krushevo during the summer period, because there is a great celebration on the 2nd of August every year. This day is really significant because this day is associated with the beginnings of the Republic that was formed in 1903 and also the formation of ASNOM.

National Park Mavrovo – National park Mavrovo is the home of many different types of plants and animals. It is located in the western part of the country and covers an area of 2, 700 ha. It is a great time to visit it also during the winter, because of the Mavrovo Ski center and Mavrovo Lake.

North Macedonia regions

North Macedonia regions - administrative divisions of North Macedonia

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North Macedonia physical map
North Macedonia physical map
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North Macedonia cities
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North Macedonia blank map
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