Macedonia Physical Map

Macedonia Physical Map

Physical map of Macedonia, equirectangular projection

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Macedonia geographic features

Macedonia is a highly mountainous landlocked country on the Balkan peninsula, enclosed among the other Balkan states of Kosovo, Serbia, Bulgaria, Greece and Albania.

The landscapes of the Macedonia map are dominated by mountain ranges running in an approximately north-south directions at several longitudes of the country. The Šar Mountains on the western border with Kosovo and Albania are the highest of these ranges, Mount Korab is the highest, shared with Albania, getting as high as 2764 meters above the level of the Adriatic Sea. Further inside the country runs the arch of the West Vardar / Pelagonia mountain range, stuck between the Vardar and Crna rivers. Its highest is the Solunska Glava at 2538 meters. The Osogovo-Belasica ranges are on the northeastern Bulgarian border. These ranges are lower in altitude, hardly reaching the 2000 meters mark.

A rather spectacular and prominent range is the Baba mountains in the south. Its highest elevation is Peak Pelister rising to 2600 meters, making it the third highest summit in Macedonia. These ranges also serve as a watershed divide between the Adriatic and Aegean Sea, and the home of the first national park of the country.

Macedonia has three major lakes, Lake Ohrid and Lake Prespa in the southwestern corner, next to the Pelister, are also shared by Albania and Greece, while the Doiran Lake is situated on the southeastern border with Greece.

The longest river of the country is the Vardar, originating in the eastern descents of the Sar mountains, then drawing a spectacular curve in the center of the country, also bisecting capital Skopje, before leaving to Greece in a southeastern direction.

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Macedonia physical features
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