Sulawesi map


Map of the Island of Sulawesi, Indonesia

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Geographic entities as shown on the Sulawesi map:

Cities: Baubau, Luwuk, Poso, Makale, Palopo, Watampone, Pinrang, Majene, Manado, Kendari, Palu, Parepare, Gorontalo, Ujungpandang
Highest peaks: Fuyul Sojol 3030, Bulu Rantekombola 3455
Bodies of water: Gulf of Tomini, Gulf of Boni, Makassar Strait, Celebes Sea, Tolo Gulf , Banda Sea, Gulf of Poso, Flores Sea
Islands, peninsulas: Maluku Islands, Borneo, Minahassa Peninsula, East Peninsula, South Peninsula, South-east Peninsula, Sula Island, Tukangbesi Islands, Buton, Muna, Wowoni, Kabeana, Banggai Island, Peleng, Togian Islands
Mountains: Mekongga Mountains, Tanggeasinua Mountains, Batui Mountains

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