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Political map of Swaziland, equirectangular projection

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One of Africa’s hidden gems is perfectly fitting for a travel destination like Swaziland. Although it may be small and not well heard of on the tourist trail, this tiny country packs a whole lot of interesting sites between its borders. If you are heading to Africa and want to add something a little different onto the itinerary, here are just a few reasons why you should choose Swaziland.

Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary

Explore some of the wildlife of Swaziland by entering this stunning park. Gaze at the Nyonyane Mountain with its granite peaks or watch the birds and hippos at the watering hole. Plus, if you love the outdoors, there is plenty here to do in the ways of hiking and sports.

The Natural Game Reserves

For such a small place, Swaziland has quite a few reserves to visit. Check out the Malolotja Nature Reserve for high altitude forests, rivers, waterfalls, gardens, antelopes and zebras. Make your way to Mlawula Nature Reserve for plains, mountains, antelope, hyenas, walking trails or guided hikes. Lastly, visit the Mkhaya Game Reserve to spot the black and white rhinos, antelopes, elephants and tsessebe.

The Mantenga Cultural Village & Nature Reserve

This living cultural village is located within the heavy and gorgeous forests. Here is where you can see cultural displays, beehive huts, the Mantenga Falls and a traditional Sibhaca dance performance. Plus, you can spend a little time hiking for a chance to see baboons, warthogs, vervet monkeys and nyalas.

The Nsangwini Rock Art Shelter

This archeological site is perfect for history lovers. Visit the Komati River where you can see the rock shelter holding well preserved paintings. The walk is steep and rocky so there are typically guides available to take visitors down to see the art work.

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Swaziland physical map
Swaziland physical map
Swaziland location map
Where is Swaziland located? Map showing the location of Swaziland on the globe.
Swaziland districts
Swaziland districts - showing the administrative divisions of Swaziland
Swaziland cities
Swaziland cities - major cities of Swaziland
Swaziland blank outline map
Swaziland outline map - HD outline map of Swaziland
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