Northern Cape map

Northern Cape map

Physical Map of Northern Cape, province of South African Republic

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Physical features of Northern Cape

Main cities of Norhtern Cape:

Bokspits, Barkly West, Calvinia, Carnarvon, Colesberg, Danielskuil, De Aar, Jan Kempdorp, Kathu, Kimberley, Kuruman, Pampierstad, Prieska, Ritchie, Springbok, Upington, Warrenton

Rivers of Norhtern Cape:

Orange River, Vaal River, Harts River, Riet River, Brak River, Molopo River, Hartebeest River, Kuruman River, Seekoei River, Sak River, Vis River

Mountains, regions of Norhtern Cape:

Great Karoo, Namaqualand, Kalahari Basin, Nuweveldberge, Komsberge, Korannaberg, Kuruman Hills, Asbesberge, Sneeuberg

Highest peaks (elevation):

Bokkeveldberg 843
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