Gauteng map

Gauteng map

Physical Map of Gauteng, province of South African Republic

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Physical features of Gauteng

Main cities:

Alberton, Benoni, Boksburg, Brakpan, Bronkhorstspruit, Cullinan, Deneysville, Ekangala, Heidelberg, Johannesburg , Krugersdorp, Mabopane, Midrand, Nigel, Pretoria, Randfontein, Soweto, Springs, Tembisa, Vanderbijlpark, Vereeniging, Verwoerdburg, Westonaria

Rivers of Guateng:

Apies River, Bronkhostspruit, Suikerbosrant River, Vaal River, Klip River, Wonderfonteinspruit, Elands River

Mountains, regions:

Magaliesberg, Motsetsi

Highest peaks (elevation):

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