Benin Physical Map

Benin Map

Physical map of Benin, equirectangular projection

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Benin physical features

The Republic of Benin (known as Dahomey until 1975) lies in Western Africa, between the Gulf of Guinea and the Niger river. The terrain consists of coastal plain, flat to undulating plain, some hills and low mountains. Major rivers are the Couffo, the Mono, the Niger and the Oueme.Stretched between the Niger River in the north and the Bight of Benin in the south, Benin's elevation is about the same for the entire country. Most of the population lives in the southern coastal plains, where Benin's largest cities are also located. The north of the country consists mostly of savanna and semi-arid highlands. The largest city and commercial capital is Cotonou. Highest point is Mont Sokbaro rising 658 meters above sea level.

Benin Location map

Location map of Benin

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Benin geography
Benin physical features
Benin location map
Where is Benin located? Map showing the location of Benin on the globe.
Benin geography
Benin geography

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