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Great Lakes

Great Lakes of North America

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The Great Lakes is the name usually referring to the group of five lakes located near the Canada-United States border. These five lakes belong to the largest lakes of the world.

Going from west towards the east, Lake Superior is the biggest and deepest of the five. It is also has the second largest are in the world amongst all lakes, and the largest of the world's freshwater lakes.

Lake Michigan is the second in the row, can be found entirely within the United States. It is the fifth largest lake on the Earth's surface.

Lake Huron, located in the central part of the Great Lakes region is the second largest of the five, and the third largest freshwater lake amongst all of the world's lakes.

Though Lake Erie is the smallest of the five in terms of volume, it is still the tenth largest lake in the world.

The easternmost lake is Lake Ontario, nested between the US state of New York, and Canadian province of Ontario. It is connected to Lake Erie by the Niagara River, and has the smallest area of the five great lakes, but is the 14th largest in the world. It is drained by the Saint Lawrence River.

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