California Fourteeners

California Fourteeners

Location of the fourteeners of California

"California Fourteeners" is a term used to describe the twelve summits of California that exceed 14 000 feet (4267 m) height above sea levels, with at least 300 feet prominence.
List of the twelve fourteeners of California:
1 Mount Whitney 14,505 ft 4421 m
2 Mount Williamson 14,379 ft 4383 m
3 White Mountain Peak 14,252 ft 4344 m
4 North Palisade 14,248 ft 4343 m
5 Mount Shasta 14,179 ft 4322 m
6 Mount Sill 14,159 ft 4316 m
7 Mount Russell 14,094 ft 4296 m
8 Split Mountain 14,064 ft 4287 m
9 Mount Langley 14,032 ft 4277 m
10 Mount Tyndall 14,025 ft 4275 m
11 Mount Muir 14,018 ft 4273 m
12 Middle Palisade 14,018 ft 4273 m

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