Pacific Ocean map

Pacific Ocean map

Physical Map of the Pacific Ocean, submarine landforms of the Pacific Ocean

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The Pacific Ocean is bounded on the west by Asia and Australia; and on the east by North- and South America.
Geographic features of the Pacific Ocean:
Ridges: East Pacific Rise, Nazca Ridge, Mid-Pacific Mountains, Hawaiian Ridge, Emperor Seamounts
Largest basins: Northeast Pacific Basin, Southeast Pacific Basin, Southwest Pacific Basin, Central Pacific Basin
Deepest trenches: Mariana Trench, Kuril Trench, Aleutian Trench, Peru-Chile Trench, Kermadec Trench
Fracture Zones: Mendocino Fracture Zone, Murray Fracture Zone, Molokai Fracture Zone, Clarion Fracture Zone, Clipperton Fracture Zone, Challenger Fracture Zone, Eltanin Fracture Zone, Udintsev Fracture Zone
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Pacific Ocean map
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