The Netherlands Physical Map

The Netherlands Physical Map

Physical map of The Netherlands, equirectangular projection

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The Netherlands geography information

The Netherlands can be found in the Western regions of Europe, next to the North Sea, lying between Belgium and Germany, at mouths of three dominant rivers of the continent (Rhine, Maas, and Schelde).

The area of the country can be divided into two major parts: the low-lying plains of the northern and western sections, and the somewhat higher elevated territories in the south and east with some slight heaps. Considerable part of the northwestern plains lies below 1 meter above sea level, where much of the land has been reclaimed from the ocean. Notable ascents can only be found in the Ardennes that chip into the southern corners of the country. Vaalserberg, the country's highest elevation is located in the very southeastern corner, right on the border with Belgium and Germany.

The Netherlands is segmented by a mass of navigable canals, and is the home of four major deltas (Rhine, Schelde, Waal and Maas), so bodies of waters can be seen everywhere. The Ijsselmeer and Markermeer are the largest lakes of the country, both are artificial lakes.

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