South Korea Physical Map

South Korea Physical Map

Physical map of South Korea, equirectangular projection

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South Korea physical features

The Republic of Korea or simply South Korea as usually referred to, fills the southern section of the Korean Peninsula which is located in the far eastern zone of the Asian continent, nested between the Yellow Sea and the East Sea.

The landscape is characterized by mostly hilly regions in the south and west which will tranform to increasingly higher elevated mountainous sections in the north and east. The Taebaek (“Spine of Korea”) range runs parallel to the north-to-south directed east coast, while the other dominant range of the country, the Jiri Massif in the southern third of the country, runs northeast-to southwest.

The most important rivers in South Korea are the Naktong, which is the longest being 525 kilometers long, The Hang, cutting through capital Seoul with a notable length of 514 kilometers, and the Kum river which empties to the Yellow Sea after 401 kilometers journey. These three rivers are navigable, and they contributed to the development of the dominant port cities of the country like Gunsan or Seoul.

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