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Political map of Bangladesh, equirectangular projection, illustrating the administrative divisions of Bangladesh

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Bangladesh: A Land of Love and Beauty

Bangladesh is mentioned as one of the most peaceful nations all over the world. Maybe the green look and natural beauty has given her this honor. In here, we are going to focus on some important facts of this developing nation.

Independence: Bangladesh has a history of valiant struggle. The nation was a part of Pakistan till 1971. It has gained freedom after a nine month long liberation war. This is a rare history of getting independence in such a short time. There was almost three millions martyr in the war. Bangladesh is the nation who sacrificed lives for getting the right to speak in mother tongue. Remembering the sacrifice, the UNICEF has announced 21st February as the International Mother Language Day.

Tourists love to visit the National Memorial and Shaheed Minar to know more of the two histories of Bangladesh.

People: A nation is judged by its population. And, Bangladesh is lucky to have such wonderful people. Their hospitality and way of treating the guests is really wonderful. There is no need to become a close relative to visit a home. Travelers enjoy this certain hospitality very much. They live an honest and easy life that attracts the others mostly.

Handicraft: Bangladesh is famous for the contribution in arts and culture. The Maslin is a remarkable clothing that is found only in Bangladesh. The national dress of Bangladeshi woman is Saree. Travelers love to wear this apparel and take along with them for their relatives. Everything is handmade and has a great cultural value. The Nakshi Katha or Colored Blanket is a symbol of intelligence. The housewives make them in their leisure.

Foods: The food of Bangladesh is praiseworthy. This is the reason of increasing the number of Bangladeshi hotel in foreign countries. Homemade foods are cooked with affection and other spicy ingredients. As Bangladesh is a land of river, fish is available the most in here. Fertile countryside helps the farmers to grow fresh vegetables. Chemical-free natural vegetables increases the taste without any doubt.

Industrial Sector: The economic condition of Bangladesh is now mostly dependable on its industrial development. She has gained worldwide famous for exporting high quality readymade garments. Jute is called the golden fiber of Bangladesh because of its wonderful contribution in the world. It is helpful to make environment-friendly bags and other useful household tools. Low wage rate of labor allows the country to export manpower too. The army and defense sectors are working in Sierra Leon and other countries like that. Malaysia is hiring people from Bangladesh every year at a large number.

The Facts of Attraction: There are many reason to visit in Bangladesh. The first attraction is to visit Cox’s Bazar and Sundarban to spend leisure or vacation. An excursion to archeological sites is also a great idea. Spending some days in here will give peace in mind and refresh for the upcoming events.

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Bangladesh physical map
Bangladesh physical map
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Bangladesh location map
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Bangladesh political map
Bangladesh political maps
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