Double Landlocked Countries

What countries do we call "landlocked"? A country being landlocked means that it does not have a sea or ocean coastline. There are several dozens of such countries, so it is definitely not an extraordinary position. You can see some nice examples of landlocked countries in Europe on the below illustration map.

  Europe landlocked countries 
Some simple landlocked countries in Europe

A double-landlocked country mean that the given country has only landlocked neighbors. In other words, you have to cross two borders to get to a sea or ocean. This is a much more unique feature. There are only two such countries currently on the globe. Let's see which are those.

The first one is Liechtenstein, situated in the Alps of Central Europe, nested between two landlocked countries: Austria and Switzerland. This tiny little country gained its double-landlocked status after the creation of independent Austria in 1918.

  Liechtenstein – Double landlocked country 
Liechtenstein - A double landlocked country, surrounded by Austria and Switzerland.

The other country with only landlocked neighbors is Uzbekistan in Central Asia. Surrounded by Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan. Uzbekistan gained its independence in 1991, giving it the most recent double landlocked country label. The country was part of the great Soviet Union before, which obviously had a long coastline itself. It also needs to be mentioned that Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan have a coastline on the Caspian Sea, however, it is considered to be a lake geographically, the largest lake on Earth.

  Uzbekistan – Double landlocked country 
Uzbekistan - A double landlocked country in Central Asia.
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