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Netherlands Political Map

Political map of Netherlands, equirectangular projection, illustrating the administrative divisions of Netherlands

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Netherlands is nature’s masterpiece, this is the land where some of the world’s most colorful traditions and most advanced innovations intertwine, from breath taking artistic masterpieces, to serene windmills, and far stretched tulip fields to as far as the eye can see. Groundbreaking architecture with candlelit cafés simultaneously with some exceptionally designed modern buildings and a brilliant nightlife.

Being the land where visionary architecture comes to life with the vintage-meets-contemporary fashion and some splendid sights that nature has to offer. The cuisines and markets both are very colorful and have a diverse variety to offer in terms of flavors and exotic experiences. The canal side cafes are yet another reason to fall in love with this country.

A very prominent Dutch influence can be witnessed in construction that has strong tints of the Gothic medieval period, bearing witness to the majestic Dutch Renaissance creations, and  Golden Age gabled houses.

Geography in the region plays a chief role in all that the Netherlands' has to offer from its conic landscapes to vibrant culture and a happening community. Half of the country is below sea level and bordering so close to the sea about 20% has been reclaimed from it. Windmills have been for centuries been powered by the uninterrupted North Sea winds, milling flour and pumping water. With about a two third of the entire land dedicated to agriculture, we know that the country owes its lush green, serene beauty to the fact that tulips and various floral wonders are grown in abundance here. It will come as no surprise that Netherlands is a largely flat country, without stretched plains and a few low rolling hills covering parts of the region.

Vaalserberg, which happens to be the country's highest point stands tall at a 322 m, it is a splendid sights and a great spot to visit if you love a little adventure and nature.

Netherlands has been a victim to severe floods for over centuries, these floods have claimed the lives of many. In their great determination to save their beloved homeland, the Dutch have constructed countless wind mills to be able to pump out water from low-lying areas. The struggle is constant and every now and then land has to be reclaimed from underwater.

They have even made use of man-made hills to raise the levels of their farms, subsequently many projects have been put into action to combat this calamity. Netherlands, one of the Benelux states, is constantly at war against nature, from a complex network of canals to river dikes all have been made to guard this country against disastrous flooding and a constant pressure from the mighty North Sea. The entire framework that works as a defense mechanism against the outrageous flooding is powered with a massive pumping station which has been carefully designed to control and protect Netherlands against rising ground water levels.

Despite the land's utmost beauty and splendid natural wonders, the raging sea while it powers some of the most beautiful sunsets, the life source of the region... the windmills and has some sparkly sandy beaches is also Netherland's arch enemy.

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Netherlands physical map
Netherlands physical map
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Netherlands political maps
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