Kosovo Physical Map

Kosovo Physical Map

Physical map of Kosovo, equirectangular projection

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Kosovo geography information

Kosovo is a landlocked state in southeastern Europe, on the Balkan Peninsula, with a partially recognized independence from Serbia. The topography of Kosovo consists of central valleys and plains surrounded by high mountain chains. The highest peaks can be found in the eastern mountain ranges, called Prokletije, the Daravica peaks exceeds 2600 meters in height, a couple of other summits also reach the 2400 meter mark, namely the Hajla and Veternik peaks. The southern Sar mountains are almost as high staying just below 2400, the Mali I Koritnikut peak stands at 2392 meters. The remaining mountain ranges are lower elevated, under the 2000 meter mark, The Kopaonik on the north, or the Goljak in the eastern areas. The central valleys are filled up by the rivers, the Sitnica, which fills the famous Kosovo Field next to Pristina, the White Drin drains the eastern plains before turning south to Albania, the Binacka Morava turns east to Serbia, while the Ibar river leaves the country towards north, also to enter Serbian territory.

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