Estonia Physical Map

Estonia Physical Map

Physical map of Estonia, equirectangular projection

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Estonia geographical features

Estonia is one of the Baltic states, the northernmost of the three, being encompassed almost entirely by bodies of water, namely the Baltic Sea on the northwest, the Gulf of Finland on the north, Gulf of Riga on the southwest, and Lake Peipus and the Narva River on the east towards Russia. The country has the longest land border in the south with Latvia.

The topography is defined by low lying lands, the average altitude is only around 50 meters, with some elevated hilly regions, the Otepää Upland and Haanja Upland in the southeastern corner, or the lower Pandivere Upland in the north. The highest point is the Suur Munamagi within the Haanja Upland, having grown to 318 meters.

The surrounding bodies of water also accommodate a few larger and over a thousand smaller islands belonging to Estonia. The largest of these are the Saaremaa and Hiiumaa, both nested between the Baltic Sea and the Gulf of Riga.

The length of the rivers in Estonia is rather short, only a few reaching the 100 km mark. The largest river is Narva on the eastern border, which carries more water than all the other rivers combined. Other notable rivers are Vohandu (162 km, the longest), Pärnu (144 km, second longest, entering the Gulf of Riga at Pärnu) and Emajõgi (100 km), which connects the two lakes, Lake Võrtsjärv and Lake Peipus, the two biggest lake of the country.

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