Bosnia Physical Map

Bosnia Physical Map

Physical map of Bosnia, equirectangular projection

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Bosnia geographical features

Seeing the map of Bosnia and Herzegovina won't tell you much about why the country is so exceptional since most of it is occupied by mountains and hills. The country also has a great number of rivers, some of which are the cleanest in the whole world. Only the southern part of the country, the one that belongs to Herzegovina, has the access to the Adriatic Sea with a coastline of about 20 km. Nevertheless, once you visit Bosnia as well as Herzegovina, the two geographically different regions, you will surely remove any doubts about the beauty of this Balkan country. Tourism is well-developed, and it keeps improving annually. Hence, should you decide to travel to this once war-torn country, you will be amazed by its mountains, lakes and rivers.

The White Peaks of Bosnia

The best way to describe Bosnia is to say that it is a small country with big mountains. And indeed, some of the most beautiful peaks lie in the heart of this incredible Balkan country. Its capital city, Sarajevo, as already mentioned, hosted Olympic Games back in 1984, so just over the city, there are four mountains where the competitions were held. Among them, Jahorina and Bjelasnica are exceptionally attractive during the winter due to the number of events and services you can attend there. Except for skiing and snowboarding, those more adventurous types can also try paragliding or mountain biking. There are some incredible bike tracks through the wilderness of Bosnian pine tree forests. You should not be surprised if you see deer or wild boars drinking water from one of many creeks. Those are merely some of the reasons why the National Geographic Traveler has declared Bosnia as one of the top ten most adventurous countries in the world. But what makes Jahorina and Bjelasnica so unique are its incredible natural wonders and particularly numerous caves with its amazing "jewelry". And the best side of the story is that you can also visit them and witness their beauty in the first person.

Hidden Beauty of Mountain Lakes

Bosnian mountains are not only covered with snow but also with many lakes that have still managed to keep its natural beauty. One of the most beautiful lakes is Prokosko located some 50 km from the capital city. Its glacial origin makes it quite refreshing especially during the hot summers. Prokosko lake is a natural air bath since it is placed almost on the top of mountain Vranica - some 1650 meters above the sea line. Its picturesque landscape makes it perfect for hiking or biking, but those who are into canoeing or fishing will also be more than thrilled. All nature lovers will definitively enjoy staying in one of authentic shepherd huts called katuni. From there you will be ready to explore the rest of the mountain and maybe even see some of the rare species such as Triturus - an endemic type of newt.

Rivers in Bosnia and Herzegovina Offer an Adrenaline Rush

Some of the best and most exciting things to do in Bosnia are fishing and rafting. You cannot visit Bosnia and not travel to the city of Bihac to see the wonder of nature – Una river. Its unique color will instantly capture your heart, and it will probably lure you to try wild water rafting. There is also an annual event, called Una Rafting that gathers participants from all over the world. The principal goal is to enjoy the river and witness its power, as well as to get acquainted with the Bosnian tradition and hospitality. Another spectacular river in Bosnia is Neretva. It is located in Herzegovina, and Bosnians usually call it the green river. The river's wonderful green color won't tell you much about its depth, but you will inevitably become aware of how clean and cold the river is. If you visit Mostar, one of the most stunning Bosnian cities, you will have the opportunity to enjoy Neretva as well. There are indeed many other rivers in Bosnia, including Drina, Sava, the amazing Vrbas, unforgettable Trebisnjica or magnificent Sana.

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