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Golden and pristine beaches, good surf, tropical weather, lush rainforests, wildlife, the largest coral reef system of the world, skyscrapers and modern cities: name it all, Queensland has it.

The state where summer never ends is world-famous for the Great Barrier Reef, a large part of which is protected by a huge national park. It is the world's biggest structure composed of living beings and it can even be seen from outer space. The park attracts thousands of tourists every year, who mainly explore the areas of Cairns and the Whitsundays, a collection of islands, famous for their white beaches, which are said to be the whitest in the world.

Further south, not far away from the state's capital, Brisbane, lies Surfer's Paradise, a totally different marine paradise. Shores are not protected by the reef here and huge waves make this the perfect spot for surfers.

However, Queensland isn't all about beaches and underwater paradises; the northern part of the state is covered by lush and green forests, full of Australia's most dangerous animals: venomous spiders, snakes, insects, crocodiles and more. The Daintree National Park is the biggest unbroken territory of tropical rainforest on the mainland of Australia.

Further south lies the world's largest sand island, Fraser island, which can be explored with a 4WD and a tent. Beautiful whales pass the island every year and the inner part of it is home to a lot of wildlife, making it the perfect spot for nature-lovers.

People who prefer to stay in town can enjoy a stroll along Brisbane's South Bank, where restaurants and cultural institutions meet everybody's taste. Whatever you are looking for, Queensland has it.

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