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New South Wales is know all over the world for popular destinations and attractions such as Sydney, the Opera House, fantastic beaches and the Blue Mountains. Most travellers get their first taste of Australia in Sydney, a city that has much to offer: skyscrapers, restaurants, bars, world-famous beaches and good surf, as well as many cultural events and history. An intriguing walk around Kings Cross, the old red-light district, will help tourists discover the story of Sydney's criminals in the early twentieth century.

However, the map of New South Wales isn't all about big cities, in fact, it is the perfect place for nature-lovers. Just a few hours from town, travellers can discover the spectacle of the beautiful Blue Mountains, which take on a blue tinge when seen from a distance, due to ultraviolet radiation. This area is a popular destination for hikers and rock climbers.

Further north, the surfing outpost of Byron Bay attracts thousands of tourists every year. The main beach is known for its beautiful surroundings, the iconic lighthouse and green hills meeting the skyline of white beach and clear water. Adventure-seekers can also swim out to the shipwreck of the Tassie II and snorkel or dive.

If you are looking for something more tranquil and less touristy, the under-visited national parks in the interior of the country and the nice wineyards are an excellent option. Hunter valley is one of Australia's most beloved wine-growing and gastronomist regions; a wine trail leads through more than 100 wineries, where award-winning wines are produced.

Whether you travel to New South Wales for work, tourism, or to explore other parts of the country, you'll find an absorbing state to explore.

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