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Philippines or the Republic of Philippines is an independent country which is located in Southeast Asia. The country has an archipelago which consist of 7,107 island with the largest islands Luzon, Mindanao, Negros, Mindoro, Cebu, and many more. The capital city of Philippines is Manila which is located on Luzon Island. The location of the country is on the Pacific Ring of Fire and also close to the equator which makes the Philippines prone to typhoons and earthquakes. Here are the most important cities on the Philippines map which also considered as the most visited cities.

Manila – Manila is the capital city of the Philippines which has one of the densest populations in the world. The densest population also implies big pollution, crime, traffic jams, and also urban poverty. However, it does not mean that you should not visit the city; Manila has its grace with the smiling and resourceful people.

Quezon city – this city was the former capital city of Philippines which is considered as the largest city with high population and large area. This city is home to the Philippines house of representative. In addition, Quezon City is also the largest source of water in the metropolis which is the La Mesa Reservoir.

Caloocan – this is the historic city in the country where the Katipunan and Andres Bonifacio held their secret meeting. The Caloocan city mainly consists of residential area and significant commercial and industrial sections.

Davao City – this city is the largest city in the Mindanao Island. Davao city is near the Davao river and also consist of wilderness as the part of Mount Apo Natural Park. Therefore, the Davao city is considered as the largest city in the country according to the land area. This third main metropolitan city in the country is also considered as the safest city for tourists.

Cebu City – the Cebu City is also popular as the Queen city of the South and also serves as the second largest metropolitan city in the country. This city was the first Spanish settlement in the Philippines.

Taguig – located in the Laguna de Bay in the western shores; this city engages with significant commercial, industrial and residential areas. This also includes the Fort Bonifacio who is a former American military which is in development as the new premier business venue in the country.

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