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Political Canada map

Political map of Canada, Lambert-Gauss conformal conical projection

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Divided across ten provinces between the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean on the East Coast, the vast majority of Canada is attributed to large scale wilderness, intercepted by several major cities such as Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Montreal, Halifax, and the capital of Ottawa.

Yukon, Nunavut and Northwest make up the Northern territories where frozen landscapes continue to dwarf small populations and provide vast isolation for the local wildlife. Evoking images of polar bears, Eskimos and the magnificent Northern Lights, the north of Canada is an enchanting region and a largely unexplored part of the world.

Rising peaks separate Alberta and British Columbia, the provinces where the majestic Rocky Mountains dominate much of Western Canada and stretch all the way north into the Yukon territory. Infamous and wild, the Rockies is one of the most visited place in Canada and a haven for grizzly bears, coyote, wolves and many other mammals.

However, most of the west and Central Canada can be attributed to prairie-lands, where over-sized blue skies are a backdrop to enormous fields, farms and major highways. Further east, towering skyscrapers and modern industrial cites are a welcome relief to seemingly endless plains where populations are higher and National Parks such as Algonquin in Ontario offer some of the most incredible scenery throughout the country.

Reaching the far east of Canada, the provinces of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador are generally referred to as the Maritime provinces. It is here, where you can find the Atlantic Ocean marauding against a rugged coastline and numerous bustling fishing ports surviving in much the same way as the first settlers who arrived in the region.

Maps of the Provinces of Canada:

Map of Alberta

Map of British Columbia

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Map of New Brunswick

Map of Newfoundland and Labrador

Map of Northwest Territories

Map of Nova Scotia

Map of Nunavut

Map of Ontario

Map of Prince Edward Island

Map of Quebec

Map of Saskatchewan

Map of Yukon

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