Physical map of Lombardy

Lombardy map

Physical map of Lombardy (Italy)

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About Lombardy

Lombardy is a region in northern Italy between the Alps and the Po river valley. Its capital is Milan, the largest city in Northern Italy.

Lombardy is divided physically into three parts from north to south--a mountainous Alpine and pre-Alpine zone; a zone of gently undulating foothills; and a zone of alluvial plains sloping gently to the Po River in the south. Alpine division reaches a height of 4049 m in the Bernina Range. The foothill zone is partly composed of morainic material and contains a number of scenic lakes. The region is drained southward by many rivers, all of them tributaries of the Po, including the Ticino, the Adda, and the Oglio, with its affluents the Mella and Chiese, and the Mincio. The regione abounds in lakes and contains all or part of Lake Garda (Italy's largest lake), Maggiore, Lugano, Como, Iseo, Idro, and Varese.

Cities: Abbiategrasso, Bergamo, Brescia, Brugherio, Busto Arsizio, Como, Corsico, Crema, Cremona, Desenzano del Garda, Gallarate, Lecco, Lodi, Mantova, Milan, Monza, Pavia, Pioltello, Rozzano, Seregno, Treviglio, Varese, Vigevano, Voghera
Mountains, regions: Southern Limestone Alps
Peaks (elevation in meters): Piz Bernina 4049, Pizzo Di Coca 3050, Grigna Settentrionale 2409, Monte Generoso 1701, Cima Delle Guardie 1976, Cima De Piazzi 3439, Monte Disgrazia 3678, Cima Viola 3374, Monte Torrezzo 1378, Monte Di Tremezzo 1700, Monte Nudo 1235, Monte Campo Dei Fiori 1226, Pizzo Paradisino 3302, Pizzo Scalino 3323, Monte Sobretta 3296, Pizzo D'emet 3209, Monte Alben 2019, Resegone Di Lecco 1875, Pizzo Della Presolana 2521, Cima Della Bacchetta 2549, Pizzo Arera 2512, Cima La Casina 3180, Piz Corbet 3025, Punta Di Pietra Rossa 3283, Adamello 3539, Cima Ovest Di Plator 2937, Monte Pettini 2932, Monte Legnone 2609, Corna Del Sonclino 1352, Pizzo Cengalo 3369, Monte Altissimo 1703, Monte Frisozzo 2897
Rivers, lakes: Po, Adda, Mincio, Ticino, Lago di Garda, Lago di Como, Lago Maggiore, Lago d'Iseo

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