Greece Physical Map

Greece Physical Map

Physical map of Greece, equirectangular projection

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Greece geography information

Greece is one of the oldest countries of Europe, lying on the southernmost edge of the Balkan peninsula surrounded by seas on all three sides. The country comprises of a large peninsula (which also has an extra peninsula the Peloponnesus peninsula), and quite a few larger and thousands of smaller islands in the Ionian Sea on the western side, and the Aegean Sea on the eastern side. The largest island, Crete, is also (one of) the southernmost one.

Much of the country's terrain consists of mountains making it one of Europe's most mountainous countries. The largest mountain chain is the Pindus Mountains, that runs about north to south at the center of the main peninsula. The highest summit of these mountains is the Mount Smolikas at an elevation of 2637 meters, but the highest point of the country is Mount Olympus in Thessaly, reaching 2917 meters, making it one of the most prominent summits of Europe. Other mountain chains include the Rhodope Mountains on the northern border with Bulgaria, the Voras range on the border with Macedonia.

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