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Political Map of Saudi Arabia

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Saudi Arabia is located in the continent of Asia which has approximately 2,149,690 square kilometers of land area which makes the country as the 13th largest nation in the world. The capital city of Saudi Arabia is Riyadh which also serves as the center of political in Saudi Arabia. Riyadh is also the home to the State’s Head Executive. This country is home to Muslim people from all over the world to visit the Holy Qabaa for religion purpose. Here are the top cities in Saudi Arabia map which is worth visiting.

Riyadh – this is the capital city of the Saudi Arabia Kingdom where the government, embassies, ministries, educational, financial, and many more important headquarters take place. The population in this city exceeds two millions of people. Main universities, institutions, cultural and sport facilities, public libraries, and so on are mainly located in Riyadh. This city has no beach and not even close to one since it is located in the middle of desert which makes it prone to sandstorms and also the temperature is very cold at night in the winter season. Riyadh is a huge metropolis city which engages with all the convenience and modern cities facilities. Due to the position as the capital city, the flight in and out from Riyadh is relatively cheaper.

Medina – this city is one of two holy cities of Islam and having the opportunity to live in Medina will be very splendid. This city is the right place for those who want to explore the Arabian culture. Medina comprises the Prophet Muhammad’s grave, the mosque, King Fahd Complex, Islamic university, and other archaeological Islamic things.

Mecca – featured as the largest of the Islam’s holy city, Mecca is the place where over billions of Muslim people all over the world pray every day. The city also features several world records such as the biggest hotel worldwide, tallest clock tower, biggest clock face, and so on. However, for non Muslim people, entering the Mecca city limits is strictly forbidden.

Jeddah – one of the largest cities in Saudi Arabia and it is full of foreign people which make it suitable for expats to live. The city is located near the Red sea and African peninsula; therefore, it is indeed a great and beautiful spot for vacation. As Jeddah is a coastal city, wearing swimwear in public places is indeed forbidden but there are private beaches if you want to have the normal beach day out.

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