Physical map of the Northeastern US

Northeastern US Physical Map

Physical map of the Northeastern US

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Northeast region of the United States  is also known by  North East, is one of the four geographical region of  the United States  of  America, containing  a geographical area  of 469,630 km-square bounded by Canada on its north, Atlantic ocean toward its east, Southern United-States on its south and Midwestern united states on its west. According to  the census bureau northeastern region is divided  into  nine states and the Association of American Geographers has divided Northeast region of  the United States  divided the into two sub regions, New England and Middle States. The New-England comprises New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Connecticut and Middle-States includes New-York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey and Delaware. The northeastern region has a diverse variety of geography, a broad coastal plain line, the Atlantic shores, temperate forests and areas further inland feature rolling hills. Western area of Northeastern US map consists of long and wide, low mountain ranges.

Appalachian Mountains  consist  of The blue mountains in Pennsylvania,  blue hills in New Jersey, Case mountains in Connecticut, green mountain in Vermont and white mountains in New-Hampshire.  Mount Washington and the New-Hampshire is the  North East highest peak having  an altitude  of 1917 meters, with a reputation of  the world worst weather.

New  England along  rolling  Hills Mountains  having coastline are glacial landforms. There is coastline of Maine with many shores with also typical glacial landforms. There are many small islands in the Atlantic water of the state of Maine. The New England coast extending from the  northeastern  main to south Western Connecticut is a mixture of sandy  beach, rocky  terrain, hills, lakes and swamps. The Atlantic-Coast is relatively low compared to Pacific-Coast. The main pattern continues from north part of New  England through the middle of  Atlantic  states further toward south, it consists of coastal plain and their  clash in mountain ranges. Coastal plain lies between the  Atlantic  Ocean and the foothills of Appalachian  Mountains,  which stretches from New-Jersey  to the south.  The  coastal  plain is narrow in the north where  Boston  and  New York  City is located; it becomes somewhat wider toward the south.

Northeast US geography

Geographical features of the Northeastern U.S.

The  Appalachian  mountain range  separates  the eastern seaboard from the great lakes and entire Mississippi  base. Northwestern border of the region is great  lakes, coastal  plains around  Lake  Ontario New York  state and lake  area,  New York  state and Pennsylvania. The longest river is Connecticut river within this valley, due to this river valley have a very fertile soil. The largest lake in the New England region is  Lake Champlain  mainly situated in the border of United States and lake Vermont in  new York,  there are many glacial small lakes in the Maine and other new England states.  The  coastline of the northeast has numerous  islands, bases, natural  harbors  like  New York  Bay and Chesapeake  Bay.  New York  bay is situated at the mouth of  the Hudson river  and enclosed by the shores of the south eastern  new York and northeastern new jersey.  New York  Bay is the world  busiest  harbor  with the highest level of port amenities. New-York  bay is boarded by Manhattan Island and long island. The biggest island of the east  Atlantic coast the most populated in the USA.

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