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Northeast region of  the United States  also known by NorthEast, is one of the four geographical region of United States of America containing geographical area of 469,630 km-square bounded by Canada on its north,  Atlantic  ocean toward its  east, Southern United-States on its south and Midwestern united states on its west. The northeast region is the most economically developed and densely populated  region  of United States. The urban area of northeast region contains 85% of  total region's population  and considered the second most urbanized region in United States.  The census bureau has divided the Northeast map  into nine states, which are Maine, the New England states of Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, and Vermont; and, New York the Mid-Atlantic states of New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

The region contributes 23% of U.S gross domestic product and have the largest number of nuclear reactors in the United States for producing electricity. New York  City is also situated in  the northeast region  is  considered  a financial hub or global financial  center.

The Northeast region  mostly contains mountain ranges and 60% of forest. The forest of Northeast region has 500,000 acres encompassing by seventy-two wildlife  refugees, and contains more than 92 different  species. The forest  covers  60% of northeast states which is almost twice the national average and having 12% of crop land and 4% grassland pasture.

The region have the  cold snowy  climate in winters and large amount of rains. During winter the flow of air masses mixed with polar jet stream which result in  a cold and stormy situation  for  the region. As this region is  close  to the  Atlantic  ocean, that’s why it’s  getting plenty of  precipitation  all year long. Precipitation is the moisture in air that falls to the ground just as rain and snow. Precipitation helps the vegetation in the area. Apple trees and pumpkins are found  throughout  the region as well.

New York City in the northeast region is regarded as the most populous city in  the whole united states  with more than 8 million people live there, it is also the largest city in united states having large number of very tall skyscrapers. The statue of liberty is also situated in  the east  of  New York  and it’s the America most well-known symbol of freedom.

Pennsylvania  has two big cities  Pittsburgh  and Philadelphia.  Philadelphia  in  the northeast region  is 5th most populated  regions  in  the United States  and 2nd most populated region in northeast region having  a population  of 3 million. Philadelphia  has  the home  of  the liberty bell. The liberty bell was used to summon lawmakers a legislative session and to alert  citizens  at  public meetings and proclamation in  the early years  which is now symbol of American independence.  Pennsylvania also has the world largest candy factory known by Hershey’s factory.

Washington, D.C.  is  located  right on the edge of Maryland  and Virginia. Washington D.C  is named after first  president  and it’s the capital of  the United States  where president of America lives in  a national government has  called  the white house.

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