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Vanuatu, once also called as New Hebrides, is a small country located in the southwestern basins of the Pacific Ocean, northeast of New Caledonia, west of Fiji, south of Solomon Islands. The country is an archipelago of 12 bigger and roughly 60 smaller volcanic islands. The highest mountain on the islands is Mount Tabwemasana, which rises to a height of 1877 meters above the Coral Sea level on the island of Espiritu Santo. The mentioned one is the biggest of the Islands of Vanuatu. Just south of it lies the second largest islands, called Malakula, then further to the southeast the island of Éfaté is located, which is the home of the country's capital, Port Vila, and is the third largest island of Vanuatu. The other relatively large islands are Erromango, Ambrym, Tanna, Pentecost, Epi, Ambae, Gaua, Vanua Lava, ordered by their surface areas.

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