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Solomon Islands is a small country in Melanesia, containing most of the Solomon Islands and Santa Cruz Islands. The state is located in the southern Pacific, it is comprised of around a thousand bigger or smaller islands. The most prominent island is Guadalcanal, which is mostly mountainous, covered by tropical rainforest. Honiara, the state capital is also located on the island of Guadalcanal. The northeast of the relatively big islands is Choiseul Island, located not far from Bougainville Island of Papua New Guinea. Further southeast, Santa Isabel Island is the most elongated one amongst the Solomon Islands. It is the third largest of the islands of the country. It is located between Malaita and Choiseul Islands. The aforementioned Malaita is second most populous island of the country, lying to the east of Santa Isabel and Guadalcanal. The easternmost of the bigger Solomon island is Makira Island (formerly San Cristobal Island). Its largest city is Kirakira. While the Santa Cruz Islands at the eastern part of the country are part of the Solomon Islands as a country, they do not belong to the Solomon Islands in geographical terms. Rather they are considered to be part of the Vanuatu chain geologically.

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