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New Caledonia (as the French call it: Nouvelle-Calédonie) is an overseas territory of France, consisting of one larger and several smaller islands at the southwestern corner of the great Pacific Ocean, just southwest of Vanuatu, some 1000 miles east of the coast of Australia. The largest islands, called Grande Terre, is sometimes also referred to as "New Caledonia". Its highest point is Mount Panie, reaching an altitude of 1628 meters elevation above sea level, and thus 1628 meters of prominence, making it one of the ultra-prominent summits of the Pacific islands. New Caledonia's two major parts are the main island Grande Terre and the archipelago called Loyalty Islands. This group of islands has six major islands, Faiava Island, Mouli Island, Tiga Island, Ouvés Island, Maré Island and Lifou Island, which are inhabited. It also contains several smaller uninhabited islands.

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