British Columbia physical map

British Columbia map

Physical map of British Columbia, physical features of British Columbia

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Information about the physical features of British Columbia

British Columbia is one of the ten provinces of Canda, lying in the southwestern area of the country, bordering the Pacific Ocean.
British Columbia's capital is Victoria, located on the southeastern part of Vancouver Island. The most populous city is Vancouver.

Main cities:

Courtenay, Duncan, Kamloops, Kelowna, Penticton, Port Alberni, Prince George, Vancouver, Vernon, Victoria

Major rivers of British Columbia:

Fraser, Peace, Finlay, Liard

Mountains, regions:

Cariboo, Canadian Rockies, Kitimat Ranges, Insular Mountains, Boundary Ranges, Selkirk Mountains, Purcell Mountains, Cassiar Mountains


Queen Charlotte Island, Vancouver Island

Highest peaks (elevation):

Devils Paw 2593, Mt. Robson 3954, Mt. Waddington 4019, Mt. Fairweather 4671, Mt. Roosevelt 2972, Howson Pk. 2759, Ulysses Mountain 3024, Thudaka Mountain 2748, Mount Sir Sandford 3519, Scud Peak 2987, Monarch Mtn. 3555, Mt. Sir Wilfrid Laurier 3516, Skihist Mtn. 2968, Mt. Ratz 3090, Mt. Columbia 3741, Razorback Mtn. 3183, Mt. Farnham 3493, Mt. Assiniboine 3616, Mt. Jancowski 2729, Mt. Dawson 3377, Buckwell Peak 2721, Detour Peak 2550, Silvertip Mtn. 2596, Mt. Saugstad 2908, Brian Boru Peak 2507, Atna Peak 2724, Tsaydaychuz Peak 2758, Shedin Peak 2588, Mt. Harrison 3360, Chutine Peak 2910, Mt. Hector 3394, Mt. Chown 3316, Mt. Edziza 2780, Thunder Mtn. 2664, Talchako Mtn. 3037, Whiting Peak 2524, Sharktooth Mtn. 2668, Mt. Forbes 3617, Mt. Pattullo 2727, Hudson Bay Mtn. 2589, Mt. Sylvia 2940, Mt. Temple 3540, Whitecap Mtn. 2918, Dunn Pk. 2636, Mt. Ida 3200, Good Hope Mtn. 3242
British Columbia relief

Topography of British Columbia, shaded relief physical map of British Columbia

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British Columbia location map
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