Physical Map of Sweden

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Sweden Physical map
Physical map of Sweden, Cosine projection
Sweden is located in Northern Europe, Scandinavian Peninsula, bordering the Baltic Sea, Gulf of Bothnia between Finland and Norway. Sweden has many islands including its largest island, Gotland and the Koster Islands in the Skagerrak.
The Kolen mountain range forms a natural boundary between Sweden and Norway. There are central lowlands and a southern plain.
The largest city, by population, is the capital Stockholm, to the east, the dominating city for culture and media, with a population of 765,000. The second largest city is Gothenburg, with 500,000, to the west. Third is Malmö in the south, with 250,000.
The north is less populated than the southern and central parts, mostly because of its colder climate. The largest city is its only university city Umea with 90,000 inhabitants.

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