Physical map of Southern Europe

Southern Europe map

Physical map of Southern Europe, Lambert Conic projection

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Southern Europe is the group of countries that lie on the banks of the Mediterranean Sea. The region can be divided into two groups: Southwestern Europe and southeastern Europe, and three peninsulas. Southwestern Europe is basically the Iberian Peninsula (Portugal and Spain) and the Italian Peninsula (Italy). Southwestern Europe is the group of countries that can be found on the Balkan Peninsula (Albania, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Slovenia). The islands in the Mediterranean Sea also belong to Southern Europe, namely Sicily, Sardinia, Corsica, Malta, Crete, Balearic Islands, etc.

Southern Europe is one of the most notable tourist destinations in the world. Most tourists come from northern countries, mainly Germany. There are two main reasons for the region's outstanding tourism: the sunny, warm beach of the Mediterranean Sea, and the rich historical heritage, especially in Greece, Spain and Italy. These three countries get the most income from tourism, with Croatia also adding its share. Albania and Bulgaria has attractive features as well, but the conditions (roads, hotels, safety) might deter some potential tourists from visiting those nice countries.

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