Norway Physical Map

Norway Physical Map

Physical map of Norway, equirectangular projection

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Norway geography information

Norway is the northernmost country on the European continent, situated on the coast of the Norwegian Sea and the northwestern slopes of the Scandinavian Mountains chains. It is located on the Scandinavian Peninsula, and is one of the Nordic countries. The longest of its borders are with Sweden, a shorter borderline is drawn between Norway and Sweden on the north, and there is also a tiny common boundary with Russia on the eastern tip of the country. Norway map has one of the longest coastlines in the world, with several smaller and larger fjords tagging the elongated shoreline for its entire length.

The country is also one of the most mountainous in Europe, with the Scandinavian Mountains taking much if its terrain, and is the most dominant geographic feature of the country. The highest elevation is situated in the southern parts of these ranges, called Galdhøpiggen with a height of 2469 meters. Not far from this elevation can be found Europe's deepest lake, the Hornindalsvatnet, with an estimated depth of 514 meters. There are also a couple of other two-thousanders shown on the Norway map, the most prominent of those two-thousanders (excluding the Galdhøpiggen) is Snøhetta at 2286 meters elevation, with a topographic prominence of 1675 meters, thus being on of the ultra prominent peaks of the world. Jiehkkevárri, situated in the northern ranges of the Scandinavian Mountains, is lower in terms of elevation with 1834 meters, but its prominence is the second highest in the country, exactly 1741 meters. The fourth most prominent peak is the Store Lenangstind, completing the four ultra peaks of the country.

The terrain of the mountains is broken by valleys of small rivers. Due to the elongated shape and the topographic features of the country, there are no long river flows, only short ones, coming down from the Maintain ranges most of them emptying to the Norwegian Sea. The longest river is the Glomma, which runs roughly parallel with the southern Swedish border for a couple of hundreds of kilometers.

Norway also has some dependent overseas territories which are not shown on the above map of Norway, for example Svalbard on the very north, Jan Mayen at the other edge of the Norwegian Sea, Bouvet Island and Peter I Island near the Antarctic. Queen Maud Land is a claimed region on the Antarctic continent.

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