Malta Physical Map

Malta Physical Map

Physical map of Malta, equirectangular projection

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Malta geographic features

The country of Malta comprises of three major and several uninhabited minor islands in the central basins of the Mediterranean Sea, somewhere between Sicily and Africa. The Island of Malta is the biggest of the islands, and is also where the majority of the population lives. Gozo (Għawdex) is the second largest island at the northwestern areas, nested in between the two great island rests the considerably smaller Comino Island, separated by North Comino and South Comino Channels at approximately equal distances from the two larger islands. The smaller islands include Cominotto near the shores of Comino Island, Filfla further to the south of main island of Malta.

The physical landscape's dominant features are lower elevated hills throughout the country. The highest point is only some 250 meters in height, called Ta' Dmejrek, found in the Dingli Cliffs.

There are no permanent rivers or streams in the territory of Malta, only some temporary water flows. This is one of the major headaches of the country, the shortage of drinking water, especially during the hot and arid summer. The Maltese beach is quite diverse, with mostly rocky sections, and some really spectacular sandy bays. The most astonishing of those is the Golden Bay on the western coast of the main island. The Blue Lagoon is the main tourist attraction situated between the islands of Comino and Cominotto with its white sand and perfectly clear azure water.

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